Establishment of the Group and First Activities (1995-1998)

In the 1990s, the Federal University of Bahia and the State University of Feira de Santana, within the framework of their policies for the training of teaching staff, with the support of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), through the Institutional Program for Teacher Training (PICD), a CAPES-PICD fellowship program, provided the training of several PhD holders, whose training and research themes allowed for the dialogue that initiated the proposal for a graduate program and research in the fields of Teaching, Philosophy and History of Sciences. The conversation between these researchers, who were already participating in scientific events and courses, was catalyzed, as of 1995, by a series of activities designed by these researchers, of which we highlight the following:
  • In 1995, the residence of  Michel Paty, PhD, from the Paris Diderot University - Paris 7, as a visiting professor for a program of seminars and courses in History and Epistemology of Science at UFBA, held at the Institute of Physics, and at the Departments of Sociology and Philosophy of the School of Philosophy and Humanities, as well as at what later became the Institute of Public Health, the Institute of Chemistry and  also at UEFS.
  • In 1996, a Colloquium entitled “The contemporary criticism of Science” was held at UFBA, sponsored by UFBA and UEFS, with the participation of researchers from Bahia, plus Antônio Augusto Passos Videira (UERJ), Nélio Bizzo (USP) and José Jeronimo de Alencar Alves (UFPA). The proceedings of this Colloquium were published in the volume "Perspectives in Epistemology and History of Sciences" (193 pages), organized by Professor André Luis Mattedi Dias and collaborators, sponsored and published by UEFS, in 1997.
  • In 1997, the Colloquium "Contemporary Criticism of Science and Implications for Teaching" was sponsored by UEFS. The event counted with the presence of researchers such as Ziller Camenietzki (MAST-RJ), Circe Dynnikov (UFES) and Cicero M of Souza (UFRPE), in addition to researchers from Bahia. The works presented at this Colloquium were published in the journal “Ideação”, vol. 3, 1999, from the Department of Humanities and Philosophy of UEFS. Also in 1997, the Institute of Physics registered the Research Group “History and Epistemology of Physics” in the Directory of Research Groups of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The group members were Olival Freire Júnior,  Maria Cristina Martins Penido, Yukimi Pregnolatto, Klaus Weltner (University of Frankfurt), Paulo Miranda and José Fernando Moura Rocha. The Institute of Biology registered the Research Group on “History, Philosophy and Teaching of Biological Sciences”, having Professor Charbel Niño El-Hani as coordinator.
  • Researchers of the Program were also strongly involved, as of 1994, in the following teaching activities promoted by UFBA and UEFS: I. Two groups of Lato Sensu Graduate Course, developed at the UFBA Institute of Physics, between 1996 and 1998, coordinated successively by Olival Freire and Yukimi Pregnolatto; II. A Lato Sensu Graduate Course in Teaching Methodology, promoted by CEFET, in the Barreiras unit, Bahia, coordinated by Robinson Moreira Tenório. In addition, Professor Robinson Moreira Tenório led the course on Theory of History and Mathematics Education, both at UEFS; III. Lato Sensu Graduate Course in Geosciences Teaching at UEFS, in a partnership with UFBA and Unicamp, coordinated by José Carlos Barreto de Santana; IV. An Update Group in the Teaching of Physics, within the project developed by Vitae Foundation and Aeronautical Technological Institute, as of 1994, coordinated by Felippe Serpa; V. A Physics Update Group, in 1997, sponsored by CADCT, coordinated by Maria Cristina Martins Penido. A Cycle of Activities for High School Teachers, in the XIII Meeting of Physicists of the North and Northeast, in 1995, coordinated by Olival Freire; VI. Professors accredited in the Stricto Sensu Graduate Course: Felippe Serpa and Terezinha Burnham (Education); José Benjamin Picado (Communication); Aurino Ribeiro, Arthur Matos and Sergio Esperidão (Physics); and Amilcar Baiardi (Administration). Elyana Barbosa was a visiting professor of Sociology and Architecture. VII. At the request of the Collegiate of the UFBA Graduate Course in Sociology, a course entitled "Topics in Epistemology" was lectured by some researchers who participated in the project proposal for the Graduate Program in Teaching, Philosophy and History of Sciences. Professor Waldomiro José da Silva Filho lectured the subject "Language, Thinking and Knowledge", in 1994, in the Graduate Program on Communication and Contemporary Culture and was one of the professors of "Epistemology and Methodology", in 1996, in the Graduate Course in Collective Health.

Implementation of the Master’s degree Course (1999-2000)

The first Master's degree Collegiate, as decided during the official establishing of the course on March 31, 2000, was composed by: Olival Freire Júnior (Coordinator), José Carlos Barreto de Santana (Vice-coordinator), João Carlos Salles Pires da Silva, Yukimi Pregnolatto and Claudio Amorim (Student Representative).